Untitled - Lima, Peru circa 2018 © WendyC

Untitled - Lima, Peru circa 2018 © WendyC


It all started when…

My high school photography teacher saw potential in my street photography  and submitted it to be recognized and awarded by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Since then I have dedicated myself to focusing on the world around me and photographing the "decisive moment" just like Henri Cartier Bresson's work has taught me. In collecting images I grouped them in stories relating to social justice issues and the awareness of self.

Daytime work has been filled with an other side of photography. Starting as an intern at Harris Publication I moved quickly up to Photo Director for the Women of King Magazine while also working with Scratch, King, XXL, Antenna and Vibe Magazine.

Photography has taken me through many of its titles as Location Scout, Advertorials, Freelance Photo Producer and E-commerce within EarthSeaWarrior. All this leading to where the heart started, within the walls of a city school and a dedicated teacher.

Today I take all that I have learned and want to give back to schools in dire need of a creative outlet for students that may not have discovered their talents. By teaching photography and having them photograph their surroundings, they can be aware of themselves, their communities and create a view of what they want for their futures. With the help of the Josephine Herrick Project I have taught for NYU, ICP, Neon Arts, and Liberty Leads at Bank Street College.

Influenced by music in my personal and professional life, I use music to help students engage in class sessions and allow them to get inspired through social media. They learn how social media helps reach a larger audience who can see their body of work relatiing to a social justice issue in their communities.